To Rant or Not Rant

unfortunate when someone judges you because of your race,colour or physical appearance.



This is really interesting thanks for putting ug attractions out there

Saw Bizzy

On my first trip to Kapchorwa, I visited two of the three major falls. The two, being the smaller of the falls. To get to the first fall, we enjoyed a simple short walk that took us across a well-maintained wooden bridge and through a moderately leafy path. At the base of the falls are caves, where Kiprotich occasionally rests during his high-altitude training. We then drove to the second falls, and enjoyed their multiple rainbow effect. There is no better way to put it than in the words of my nephew, “I am licking the rainbows!”

So, this time round, my focus was on the third and largest of the three falls. Not because of its size, but for the abseiling adventure that only the brave braved! It took a 15 minutes’ walk from our camp site to Rob’s rolling rocks, the company we selected to guide us…

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